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Skin Care • Protective
Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film
Foam Applicator, Small 1ml, Box of 25
3M™ Cavilon™ No Sting Barrier Film is a unique 'no sting' transparent barrier film, which gives up to 72 hours of skin protection. The product protects intact, damaged or 'at-risk' skin from irritation. This may be due to urinary or faecal incontinence, leakage of digestive juices or wound exudate, and peri-wound maceration. 3M™ Cavilon™ No Sting Barrier Film forms a uniform waterproof film on the skin, which is colourless and transparent for easy skin monitoring. The product contains no alcohol, so does not sting, even on severely excoriated, reddened or stripped skin. 3M™ Cavilon™ No Sting Barrier Film provides up to 72 hours of protection, for clinically proven, cost-effective care. Indications for Use •Primary barrier against body fluids, for improved continence care •Protective barrier against aggressive adhesive products •Skin protection around stoma sites •Peri-wound protection from exudate Product Benefits •Encourages the natural healing process •Product is dispersed in a unique non-stinging solvent, which dries rapidly •Non-petrolatum base does not clog incontinence pad linings •Non cytotoxic •Film possesses good oxygen and moisture vapour permeability •Removal of film is not required between re-applications •Foam Applicators are sterile •Enhances the adhesion and wear time of some tapes and dressings Precautions •Allow the product to dry completely before applying pads or clothing •Applying too many layers of product may make the area feel stiff •Application of the product under electrodes may affect readings •Use of the product with other barrier ointments, creams or lotions may significantly reduce its effectiveness
Product Code: 480000
Supplier Code: 3343
Brand: Cavilon
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Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film
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