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BeBright Study Series

The clinical workshops in the BeBright Study Series are presented by BrightSky’s specialist clinical team and consulting clinicians.


As the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rolls out (replacing the existing state-based funding over time), continence management within the community is changing. Now that people with a disability are able to exercise choice and purchase their supports individually, healthcare professionals have the responsibility to identify the most appropriate product to meet the needs of the individual to achieve their goals.

The workshop explores continence needs for those with neurological disabilities that result in functional or neurogenic related incontinence. The workshop will focus on urinary and faecal continence management for the person with a disability including a continence assessment and the use of specialised products and aids to suit individual requirements.

The workshop will:
• Provide an overview of continence needs for people with neurological disabilities
• Review nursing standards outlining the framework for practice, including the responsibility and decision making of nurses in relation to product selection
• Decision making and the use of evidence-based practice
• Opportunities to use clinical tools that identify product features that aid continence management

The workshop will provide opportunities to network with colleagues and include case studies specifically related to neurological disabilities.

For more information call (02) 8741 5609 or email


Workshops focus on clinical management strategies in relation to product usage and are designed to help you navigate the many products on the market and help find the clinically most appropriate product for an individual client. A certificate of attendance will be issued once you have completed each workshop for your portfolio. 

Industry trade displays from leading manufacturers will be available and will offer participants access to the latest product updates and innovations.

Workshops are held in Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin.

Who should attend?
  • Continence Nurses
  • Community Nurses
  • Practice Nurses
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Nurses working in Aged Care
  • Stomal Therapists
  • Rehabilitation Nurses
  • Spinal Nurses

Why attend?
Benefit from the depth of clinical expertise, experience and extensive product knowledge which the BeBright Study Series will deliver. Participants can also take advantage of:

  • Certificate of attendance at the conclusion of each workshop.
  • Gain insight into the latest developments in product development and get hands-on experience with products.
  • Network with colleagues and experts from across the state and build relationships with industry representatives.
  • Gain insight on the changing landscape of disability funding with the NDIS.
Click here for further information on the BeBright Presenter

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Tools of the Trade app
The BrightSky Tools Of The Trade is a unique application that offers an easy and quick way for healthcare professionals to select and prescribe the most suitable continence product for an individual client.

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