At BrightSky, we support you to do more, feel better, and live happier.
Live well every day.

Nurturing wellness is at the heart
of everything we do.

At BrightSky, we believe that wellness is a journey, not a destination. We’re about supporting you on your unique path through wellness, to help you maintain and improve your health and support you to live your best life.

With commitment to delivering quality products, supported by our dedicated customer service team, we are continuously striving to go the extra mile for our customers. We aim to support our community with genuine wellness solutions that are focused on improving quality of life.

Nurturing Wellness
Supporting DVA

Live well, every day.

Our experienced BrightSky team works with compassion and empathy to support you in making better-informed health choices, every day. We draw on our knowledge and expertise to source and deliver the best range of specialist healthcare & wellness products and consumables available, to facilitate your life choices.

We aspire to play a vital role in elevating the lives of our customers; the people we support, live and work with; and the wider community through the extensive range of products we deliver and the crucial services the charitable organisation we’re part of, provides.

The future is bright.

Since 2008, BrightSky has had an unwavering commitment to ensuring that specialist healthcare products and consumables are easily available to those who need them. Over the years, BrightSky has gained industry-wide recognition for its innovation and customer-centric service with a strong clinical focus, stemming from being the social enterprise of Forward Ability Support (formerly ParaQuad NSW).

Today, we reaffirm that commitment and acknowledge that our purpose has extended to ensure that we are supporting all people in the wider community to live well. We might have a new look, but we are still one of Australia’s leading destinations for healthcare and wellness products, and we are still proud that all proceeds from sales support Forward.

At BrightSky, we support you to do more, feel better, and live happier.
Live well every day.

The Future is Bright

Prompt home delivery across Australia

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Convenient online shopping, day or night

Discreet packaging
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Personalised service from our experienced Customer Support Consultants

Clinical advice from the Forward clinical services team

Our vision

Be the leading platform for wellness in Australia.

Our purpose

Enable everyone to live well.

Need clinical nursing advice?

Forward has a clinical nursing team who are available to provide advice on continence, wound care and spinal cord injury related issues. Please contact us on:
02 8741 5600 – Option 1.

Call 02 8741 5600

Nurturing Wellness

All proceeds support people with disabilities.

BrightSky Australia is a division of Forward, a not-for-profit disability organisation. All proceeds from BrightSky Australia support people with disabilities.

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Forward supports people of all ages with spinal or other health conditions to be independent. For more information on Forward visit

Funded Schemes

There are a number of State and Commonwealth funded programs that support people living in the community with access to products, services and equipment. BrightSky Australia and Forward Ability Support are involved in the provision of healthcare products and equipment for some of these programs.

Please follow the links below for more information on these key programs:

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australian Government scheme designed to support people with a significant or permanent disability.

BrightSky Australia has been a registered provider for NDIS participants since 2013, since the NDIS trial in the Newcastle-Hunter region. For the past ten years, BrightSky has remained closely involved with the NDIS and has supported tens of thousands of participants.

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Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS)

The Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS) is an Australian Government payment that assists eligible people who have permanent and severe incontinence to meet some of the costs of their continence products.

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DVA Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP)

BrightSky Australia has had a longstanding relationship with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and has provided services to the veteran community since 2004.

BrightSky provides Continence Aids and Mobility and Functional Support (MFS) Products and services to the veteran community as part of the Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP).

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The Lifetime Care & Support Scheme provides treatment, rehabilitation and care services to people severely injured in motor accidents in NSW, regardless of who was at fault in the accident. People who are eligible for the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme have a spinal cord injury, moderate to severe brain injury, multiple amputations, severe burns or permanent blindness.

BrightSky is an icare approved provider for health consumables, providing continence, nutrition, wound care, respiratory, skin care and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products. icare stands for Insurance and Care NSW and is part of the NSW Government.

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BrightSky provides continence and sexual health products for Enable NSW as part of the Aids and Equipment Program. Enable NSW is a NSW State Government service.

EnableNSW is a state-wide service assisting eligible NSW residents with a permanent or long-term disability to live and participate within their community by providing appropriate equipment, aids and appliances. Enable NSW administers the Aids and Equipment Program for eligible clients.

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NSW Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN) Service

BrightSky is a distributor for several nutritional suppliers for NSW’s Home Enteral Nutrition service, run by EnableNSW. EnableNSW is a NSW State Government service.

BrightSky provides nutritional supplements, enteral feeds and consumables including giving sets, syringes and accessories to NSW HEN patients through delivery to their homes. 

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QLD Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN) Service

BrightSky is the contracted service provider for Queensland’s Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN) service, a Queensland State Government service supporting thousands of Queensland Health outpatients in the community.’

BrightSky provides nutritional supplements, enteral feeds and consumables (including giving sets, syringes and accessories) and loan pumps to Queensland HEN patients through delivery to homes.

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QLD Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS)

BrightSky provides continence products to the Queensland Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) as part of its provider panel. The Queensland Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme is part of Queensland Health and is run by the Queensland Government.

MASS provides funding for medical aids and equipment to eligible Queensland residents who have permanent and stabilised condition or a disability. The Scheme is designed to assist people to continue to live at home and to avoid premature or inappropriate hospitalisation or residential care.

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Worksafe Victoria
BrightSky is the contracted service provider for continence, wound care and nutritional products to workers for the Victorian WorkCover Authority (WorkSafe Victoria), part of the Victorian Government.

The Victorian WorkCover scheme is a statutory, no-fault, compulsory insurance scheme. WorkSafe is Victoria’s workplace health and safety regulator and workplace injury insurer.

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The customer support team at BrightSky Australia may also be able to assist you with more information.
Please email or call 1300 88 66 01.

Clinical tools

We deliver education and support for clinicians with evidence based information to support your clinical decision-making.

Practical, portable tools such as PadNavigator, Catheter Compass, Dome Director, Drainage Companion and Transanal Irrigation to help problem-solve the specific needs of your patients quickly and safely.

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