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BrightSky provides continence and sexual health products for Enable NSW as part of the Aids and Equipment Program. Enable NSW is a NSW State Government service.

EnableNSW is a state-wide service assisting eligible NSW residents with a permanent or long-term disability to live and participate within their community by providing appropriate equipment, aids and appliances. Enable NSW administers the Aids and Equipment Program for eligible clients.

EnableNSW provides continence assistance to people with moderate to severe permanent incontinence (bladder or bowel) where the individual’s needs are greater than what is covered under Continence Aids Payments Scheme (CAPS) funding.

Potential clients can access information about EnableNSW here including eligibility, applying for the program and placing an order for continence items through EnableNSW.

EnableNSW continence request forms, funding criteria and information for prescribers can be accessed here.

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