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ConvaMax Superabsorber Non-Adhesive 7.5X7.5cm

ConvaMax Superabsorber Non-Adhesive 7.5X7.5cm

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$12.93 BOX

Available on backorder

1 Box = 10 Each

ConvaMax™️ Superabsorber adhesive dressing with a silicone layer is a sterile dressing for use on highly exuding wounds, consisting of a breathable and waterproof nonwoven layer, a Superabsorber pad layer, a fabric wicking layer and soft silicone wound contact layer.

The multi-layered construction facilitates fluid management to provide the optimal moist wound environment which leads to the promotion of faster wound closure. The absorbent pad provides superior absorption and locks exudates away. This minimizes the risk of maceration and mage to peri-wound skin.

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ConvaMax Superabsorber Non-Adhesive 7.5X7.5cm


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