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Peristeen Plus Cone Catheter Box 15

Peristeen Plus Cone Catheter Box 15

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Available on backorder

Peristeen Plus is a transanal irrigation system for people who suffer from faecal incontinence and/or constipation.

The cone catheter is designed with LARS patients in mind using input from colorectal surgeons and nurses regarding shape,curvature, length and flexibility. It has a rounded tip with two large water eyelets and a hydrophilic coating.

The Peristeen Plus cone catheter is an alternative to the balloon catheter and is compatible with the existing Peristeen Plus TAI system. The rectal cone catheters are for single use only. Therefore, use a new catheter each time you irrigate. The hydrophillic coating makes the catheter easy to insert. The user can choose between holding the cone by the finger grip or under the cone base to allow for personal preference. The cone catheter design also means that the patients have extra space for holding the catheter in place during irrigations. The cone catheter is easy to connect and it provides a sound and feel indication when connected correctly.




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Peristeen Plus Cone Catheter Box 15


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