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Curapor Transparent Dressing 5x7cm Box 50

Curapor Transparent Dressing 5x7cm Box 50

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$23.08 BOX

In stock

• Unique, easy application
• Transparent and waterproof
• Breathable
• impermeable to bacteria
• Resistant to common disinfectants
• Safe adhesion, precise fit
• Leaves little residue; virtually painless removal
• Low risk of adhesion to the wound
• Also suitable for sensitive skin
• Provides Sterile treatment of postoperative wounds, injuries sustained in
accidents, as well as minor cuts and abrasions
• Suitable for use following minimally invasive surgery
• Provides protection against secondary infection
• Can be used to cover wounds when showering or swimming

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Curapor Transparent Dressing 5x7cm Box 50


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